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Bella DuPlexis Coming Right at You is an amazing new show showcasing indie artists!

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Not only is she gorgeous, fun witty, and sophisticated but she also has a style that is fashionable and tasteful! We are looking forward to Ms. Bella and her indie artists that are being introduced to the world! This question is, is the world ready for her? With her charisma, style and sophistication, I am not quite sure we are. I still would love the opportunity to be in front of her. Have you ever seen a person who just looked as if they smelled delightful? I know it sounds crazy butI would bet my last that it is true. This girl is HOT and so is her new show, The Bella DuPlexis Coming Right at You show. Bring it on Ms. DuPlexis and fella's, a little birdie told me she was single too. If you happen to get a date with her, inquiring minds have to know. Don't be secretive, do tell!!

Now let's talk guests. We saw the video of a cat called JBONE. He has been been in the game for a while and is a great RAP/HipHop artist. We listened to his music and honestly, he has something there. Good pick Bella. Yea, we will be checking out your guests to be calling yea's or nay's. I mean you can't just let anyone on your platform. We're calling for the best of the best iIndie artists and we hope that's what we will get!

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