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Have you ever wanted to visit a beautiful place with beautiful people and create beautiful memories? Have you ever wanted to visit Africa but have only heard of lions, tigers, and bears - [oh no!] there? Well, let me tell you about that perfect vacation spot in Africa, where if there are lions, tigers, and bears - you almost would have to want to see them. Yes, I am speaking of the "Cape." It's a pretty befitting name since it's SUPER EXCITING, SUPER BEAUTIFUL, AND HAS SUPER NICE PEOPLE. This place needs a "cape" because it is just SUPER!

Why is Cape Town one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit or even live in? Let's begin here; why don't we?

Cape Town

The national legislative capital, South Africa

Cape Town has a beautiful setting: parts of the city and its suburbs wind about the steep slopes of Table Mountain (3,563 feet [1,086 meters] high) and neighboring peaks and rim the shores of Table Bay; and other parts lie on the flats below the slopes or stretch southward across the flats to False Bay. The city covers an area of 116 square miles (300 square kilometers), and the Population (2005 est.) urban is 3,103,000. There is plenty of room to build homes, businesses, and families.

Geography - Objective and Social

The character of Cape Town

Cape Town originated in 1652 when the Dutch East India Company started a place for refreshments for ships on the shores of Table Bay. This location was perfect because it was on good robust, fertile ground and beneath the walls of Table Mountain. The indigenous inhabitants provided cattle, but not labor, and the company then smuggled enslaved people, mainly from East Africa, Madagascar, and the Bay of Bengal area. Although enslaved, they brought their culture and—especially in the case of the Muslims from the East Indies—their religion. Then the races began to mix, but strong racial and ethnic characteristics continued. In 1781 the French opened barracks to assist the Dutch in protecting themselves against British attacks. The French presence influenced the local architects and local culture. Once the British occupied the country in the 19th century, it also brought new parliamentary and justice models and freedom for the enslaved people. Cape Town was then the gateway to Europe’s way into the South African core, and still, the closeness of continental Europe stayed strong.

Today Cape Town is as modern as any in the world, with high-rise office buildings and big beautiful pedestrian malls all around the city. Although its politics and economics are as prominent as ever, the town's reputation comes through its stunning mountain and sea, diverse population, and the liberal outlook of many of its citizens.


Cape Town is primarily famous for its iconic Table Mountains but has many more in store for its visitors. Blessed with the most alluring natural settings, Cape Town is known for its beautiful coastline, sparkling blue waters, exotic marine life, and many tourist attractions and landmarks, making it a traveler's paradise.

Cape Town Nightlife - The Drum Beat of the Motherland

Cape Town is famous for its nightlife because of the extravagant bars and pubs and the richness you can experience at night. The first Thursday of each month is dedicated to the people who love the cultural part of the place. The art galleries and other cultural attractions can be experienced throughout the evening. You can walk around the site to see the exquisite cultural and traditional parts of Cape Town. You can visit the art galleries to see the cultural richness of the local people and shop or visit the beer bars here at this spot.


When I visited Cape Town, it was a dream within a dream. The city was gorgeous, the living quarters were emcaculent, the people were delightful, and the entertainment was enjoyable. There is so much to do and see; you will have to visit multiple times to get the full effect of the entire city. South Africa is a hidden gem, and if you have not had the pleasure to see this remarkable place, I encourage you not only to go but to go and stay a while. It will be worth every moment of your time and attention.

Photos courtesy of QUORA

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